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When God created the earth, everything was very good. Life existed but not death.

The first humans disobeyed God’s commandment and death became the consequence for all living beings.

God did not leave His creation hopeless but unfolded a merciful plan for saving us—the first humans
onwards—from sin and death forever.

Nation of Israel - Resurrected

God promised to send a Saviour to save us from sin and death.


Jesus was God’s only begotten son born to a human mother, Mary.

Because Jesus lived in full obedience to God’s commandments, he died as an acceptable sacrifice for sin. Jesus has another special role as the “Christ” or “Messiah”, a king forever in the coming Kingdom

Baptism is an act of faith a believer must take to inherit a place in God’s eternal Kingdom.

Through baptism, a person’s relationship to God changes. We become adopted sons or daughters of God.

Friday Readings & Recreation Night

The Hope of the faithful baptized believers—those “in Christ”—is the incredible promise of being raised to life after death.

“The resurrection” is an event that will occur when Jesus returns to this earth soon to establish God’s Kingdom. 

God’s plan of salvation, our Hope, will be completed when Jesus returns to earth from heaven. Jesus will be crowned king and rule with the resurrected believers in a purified earth, with the capital city Jerusalem.


Death will be abolished; the curse will cease; and the Kingdom of God will last eternally. These are “exceeding great and precious promises”!

Mountain Grove Christadelphian Chapel 1525 Mountain Grove Ave., Burlington, Ontario L7P 2H4

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