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Why are dinosaurs not mentioned in the Bible? (continued)

Living fossils

As Dr. Carl Werner has extensively documented in his book series, Living Fossils[ii], many fossil specimens are identical to species of lizards, tuataras, and snakes living today and their fossils are found among those of dinosaurs. However, modern naming practices obscure these “living fossils”. Paleontologists always give the fossil a different species name than its living look-alike counterpart, and usually place it in a different genera. Thus, people miss the close correspondence between the fossils and their current counterparts. The problem is, if fossils are tens of millions of years old, why have so many fossil specimens not gone extinct and exactly resemble their living counterparts?

This amazing correspondence between fossil form and living form implies evolutionary stasis—that, for tens of millions of years, many types of snakes, lizards, and turtles did not undergo any change, if evolution is the correct explanation. (The problem is replicated across all types of fossils, not just those of reptiles, as Dr. Werner pictorially shows in his two volume book set). The other explanation, consistent with the Bible, is that the fossils were buried in the relatively recent past, at the time of the flood, as a catastrophic world-wide event. While many creatures represented in the fossil record survived up to the present, there were certain ones–dinosaurs prominent among them–that did not survive after their release into the post-flood world to repopulate in the earth.


[ii] Refer to Evolution: the Grand Experiment

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